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You've worked hard to be prosperous and comfortable. You enjoy the lifestyle you've created. 

But what will happen if you retire? Will your money last as long as you do? And will your values live on in a legacy? 

Andy McClung can help you plan to preserve your wealth, perpetuate your values, and sustain the lifestyle you enjoy. 


Andy provides ideas.
His tax-efficient planning can help you accelerate your rate of retirement savings, realize more retirement income, and transfer your estate. 

Andy creates relationships.
His leadership helps people achieve their financial potential, and his asset allocation strategies help investors succeed in bull and bear markets. 

If you're a business owner, Andy can help you reduce your taxable income, and defer taxes on excess profit. 

He can help you diversify your portfolio, restructure your retirement plan to defer greater amounts of salary, and even show you how your accounts receivable can be invested in a tax-advantaged way. 


Imagine making your money work for you so you can spend more time with your family, and devote more time to your favorite causes. That's a good life. That's what your best years should be like. 

Andy's planning can help make it so. He cares about your dreams, your goals, and your vision of an ideal future. He wants you to enjoy that future with the comfort that your money is safe. 


Like a guide in the wilderness, Andy's with you every step of the way - through all the different phases of your retirement journey. He's advised professionals and business owners since 1986, and his comprehensive planning promotes a finer retirement. 

Andy McClung helps Gwinnett County business owners and executives preserve, protect, and grow wealth in changing times - times of transition, times when new goals and dreams emerge from the landscape of their lives. Contact him today. 

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